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Quality Reconditioning

Reconditioning carried out in our facility using our own skilled personnel

Machinery Trading™ LLC has the finest and largest facility in North America for reconditioning gear manufacturing machines. All reconditioning is done on our own premises, under our supervision, where we can control the quality of workmanship by our trained personnel, and where we actually look for problems, not just fix those readily apparent. We don't contract reconditioning services from other vendors whose quality is uncertain.

Reconditioning at Machinery Trading™ is carried out by our own experienced staff of skilled mechanics to strict quality standards, allowing us to offer longer guarantees than are normally available in the industry. Before a machine can be called "Machinery Trading™-reconditioned," it must go through the following:

All mechanical, hydraulic and electrical functions are tested,
Worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced,
Hydraulic systems are power tested,
Backlash and mechanical components are checked as necessary,
Lubrication systems are checked,
Permanent filters are thoroughly cleaned and disposable filters are replaced,
All critical motions undergo precision indicator readings,
The outside finish is repaired and restored,
Any additional customer-required reconditioning is completed.

Every machine sold as reconditioned receives the above processing, and our prices are competitive with others that are offered under less favorable conditions.

No other machine tool dealer in North America provides the consistent quality reconditioning and commitment to customer satisfaction provided by Machinery Trading and its dedicated staff. Customers purchasing Machinery Trading™-reconditioned machines should expect that the machines will be fully operational and ready to receive their tooling.

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